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"The Pediatrics course was SO helpful in learning the overarching themes associated with this population. Miles & Kim did a GREAT job collaborating, bouncing off each other's strengths/weaknesses to create this course. If you are like me and Pediatrics is not your jam and you are worrying about this content on the exam (or if you just need an easier way to conceptualize the information to increase your confidence on the exam) GET THIS COURSE!!!! 12/10 recommend. They also provide practice test questions at the end of each video that really helps you put the information you just learned into scenarios which might've been one of the greatest additions to 450 Formula."
- Lindsey P.

"Initially I was super intimidated by upper extremity and I just don't have a very good clinical reasoning of how things work. But after watching your videos, I now am able to break things down and understand the thought process of how the interventions for hands. All the protocols are no longer super overwhelming and scary. Thank you for having such a great sense of humor and keeping things cheerful, definitely very helpful to bring the dry subjects come alive :)"
-Emily M.

"As a primarily adult therapist, I have been intimidated about diving into Peds for the exam. The combination of Kim's book smarts and Miles' tricks of simplification are on point!! They have made this topic digestible into short videos that pack a lot of punch. I highly recommend this course and hope it gives me the edge to push over that 450 mark. Thanks guys!"
-Casey D.

"This course is the 'Clean Up' song of pediatrics material - what began as a messy preschool classroom spilling with milestone charts, legal jargon, assessment acronyms, and protocols - is now organized into color coded, labeled, cubbies and bins. Miles & Kim set you up for success by laying out what you 'need to know,' and what would be 'good to know' with a clear structured format, and lots of great tips for the exam."
-Madeleine D.

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Brain-Friendly Format

450 Formula breaks down difficult content in a way that makes you think,

"What were my professors doing all this time!?"

The basics, everything we need to know to be able to have a conversation about a topic

The broad categories or ideas we can use to group the information

Some details are useful, but they're often a time wasting trap to be avoided

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August 5th - 9th